Cowboys of the Americas


Uruguay-born photographer Luis Fabini has captured the lives of cowboys across North and South America since 2004, revealing a culture that exists vividly in our imagination. His work is on exhibit at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies through April 2, 2017.

Cowboys: Vaqueiros

Cowboys: Vaqueiros

His photographs reveal the cowboy who lives in silence and solitude; the interconnectedness of the men with the land; and a traditional way of life that exists on the outskirts of society.

Cowboys: Canada

Cowboys: Canada

In Canada and the U.S., they are known as Cowboy, but in other lands, it’s different names. Mexico is the Charro, Columbia and Venezuela the Lone Ranger. In Ecuador it is the Chagra, in Peru the Chalán and Chile the Huaso. Brazil has the Gaúcho, the Pantaneiro and Vaqueiro. Whatever their name, these extraordinary individuals share a close relationship with the land and their animals, Fabini says.

At dawn a gaucho riding his criollo horse. Uruguay, 2005

At dawn a gaucho riding his criollo horse. Uruguay, 2005

Cowboys: Gaucho

Cowboys: Gaucho


Cowboys: Charros


Cowboys: Chagras

See all the photography on Luis Fabini’s website, here.

There is also a book, info here.


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