Emerging at OCAD: Illustration

Andrew Watch “External Goods”

The Ontario College of Art and Design has been producing great artists since 1876, and each year showcases the works of its graduates. It’s no surprise that Andrew Watch and six other OCAD U students have been selected to display their works at New York’s Museum of American Illustration this year.  (See details of OCAD U selections by the Society of Illustrators here.)

Toko Hosoya, Sketchbooks

Toko Hosoya is a 19-year-old 2nd year illustration student with strong prospects, given she’s already had numerous exhibitions and will now see her work permanently placed in the archive of American Illustration. Her website is here.

Also permanently on the American Illustration archive will be Dalbert B. Vilarino, whose creative concept was selected to represent GradEx this year. His website, here.

Screenshot, website of OCAD U Illustration Graduate Exhibition

This post only covers some of the talent in the Illustration grads this year. The works of the entire graduating class are displayed online from a central website, here.  And don’t forget, if you’re in Toronto, the live exhibition, always an inspiration, runs May 3 to May 7 at OCAD U.


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