Photography – Hair Stories

From an early age, Indian born, Los Angeles-based fine art photographer Rohina Hoffman understood that hair had power. At the age of seven, Hoffman’s two ponytails were unceremoniously cut off. This loss of control of her identity provided Hoffman the early inspiration for her series Hair Stories.

For the Hair Stories site, and book, Hoffman interviewed about three dozen women from 14 to 100 and discovered that hair “is a language, a shield and a trophy.” Hoffman, a medical doctor (neurologist), says the photos in the series were inspired by the personal stories and histories of the subjects she interviewed.

The Hair Stories website has more photos, and each woman’s perspective on what hair means to her.

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  1. This is wonderful. I work with a woman who every few weeks is changing the color of her hair… one week green, then blue… red. I think she likes to shock her parents/friends/coworkers, gives her strength and power. I will share this with her. 🙂

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