Quick Hits: Teacup Commentary

Cheryl Pagurek’s latest work projects modern news images into delicate, old fashioned teacups and saucers.  The cups become a window onto the world, merging past and present, private and public, order and chaos.

In Shatter, Pagurek explores the tenuous state of current world affairs . . . these works evoke our own human fragility, the shattering of fragile notions of peace and social democracy, and the vulnerability of the earth itself to natural disaster – exhibition notes, Patrick Mikhail Gallery, Montreal

Artist page, Mikhail gallery, here.

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  1. “Not my cup of tea”…?! Love it….yes, very smart idea!

    The traditional Japanese dishes with small images of specific sc eneries at the bottom of cups & bowls is using the same mode of communication. The scenerios namely refer to in Japan well-known old metaphers and stories…Thus, tea cups and rice bowls were used as tool to send (sometimes secret) messages – in particular during tea and other ceremonies and official get-togethers at the Emperors / shoguns court. During (tea) ceremonies, talking is not allowed.

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      • Thank you for sharing, Walter. In fact, I hat the Honor to participate in a traditional 5 hrs complex tea ceremony and wondered that there was no opportunity to talk to each other. After the ceremony I could ask the friendly tea master a few questions. He explained that he was talking to me by creating atmosphere and spirit…In my 300 yrs old tea cup I found a beautiful little bridge at a gate (the gate symbolizes learning and gathering experience) ….

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    • And so topical. BTW for people who love teacups, there was a Washington Post article within the last 10 days or so that says vintage china (including teacups) is making a huge comeback. I haven’t seen signs of it but then I stopped thinking about vintage china when I gave away my grandmothers’ (yes, plural grandmothers) dozens of teacups about 10 years ago. Silly me.

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      • I think we go through phases of drinking tea in beautiful “tea cups.” So, when we are doing Spring cleaning we evaluate whether we need to keep certain things. I have kept my tea cups, because they bring me JOY, as Marie Kondo (smiling) would say.

        Like you though, I have given away “other things” that maybe I should have kept, but at the time did not bring me JOY, just took up space. LOL

        I will look for the Washington Post article. Thanks!

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