Apocalypse Art

Quick Hits: Doomsday

These drawings by Swedish artist Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson reflect a theme pursued by many artists: the question of how and when (and if) the world will end. But a focus on destruction is nothing new for creatives, and if artists today emphasize doomsday, it’s a sure thing some of it can be attributed to the spectre of climate change.

The dark illustrations, titled Good Day Doomsday and filed under personal work on Pettersson’s site, are so different from the bright, lively illustrations he does for children’s books. (An example here)

See more on Marcus-Gunnar Pettersson’s website, here.

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  1. and some day i will have time for my personal work again… the darker themes 😀 haha… Thank for the feature!

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    • Your work is so finely drawn and the interpretations so powerful. Hope you do go back to your “personal” work again, although your client work is a pleasure, too.


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