Mixed Media

Sarah Martin: Vintage Memories

Sarah Martin’s work explores the concept of memory, its deceptive nature and the way photographs can act as trigger points for a viewer’s memory. By using vintage photography and painting, she explores the way personal and collective memories can meld together and be manipulated. (Below, a piece in progress)

Through her application of painted layers on top, Sarah creates a new moment for the photograph, giving it a place both in past and present. Sarah looks to steal a captured moment in order to keep it memorialized in the past. Yet she jolts the viewer back to the present with the contemporary patterns and painted layers applied on top, leaving the viewer hovering somewhere in-between past and their present thoughts. – Artist Statement here.

Sarah Martin’s contemporary art has been featured  multiple times on HGTV, was chosen twice for the Princess Margaret Show Home, designed by Brian Gluckstein, and has been highlighted in House and Home online.  Her work is in collections across North America, including the Ontario Government Archives, the County of Simcoe and Melrose Hotel, Washington D.C.

Sarah Martin’s website, here.

Representation by galleries, list here.

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