Mixed Media

Quick Hits: Celebrating Students

Division Complex,†Materials Nylon Stockings, Dryer Lint, Shaved Wood, Thread, 2019

This is the time of year to celebrate the student exhibitions curated as young artists end their schooling and formally enter their work lives. This creative sculpture by Courtney Thompson is just one of a dozen end-of-year sculpture and installation thesis exhibitions coordinated at Toronto galleries by OCADU.

In addition, more than 45,000 guests, some looking to recruit new talent for galleries and firms, will visit OCAD’s 104th GradEx! where 800 young artists and designers show works at a five-day exhibition spread across the Toronto campus for the Class of 2019.

Liza Konovalov, 2019. Spires (Working Title), materials wood, paint, ceramics, found objects, beads, assorted miscellaneous accoutrements, plastic toys, human tears, 2019

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