Carole Feuerman: Swimmers

Miniature Quan with Red Ball and Swarovski Crystal, 2018. Mixed media, resin. 10 × 10 × 7 in 25.4 × 25.4 × 17.78 cm

This is one of the hyper-realist sculptures of Carole Feuerman, best known for her life-size and monumental sculptures of swimmers. Quan (a mini version, above) has mink hair eyelashes and simulated drops of water on the skin.

See the monumental version of Quan, here.

Miniature Brooke with Beach Ball, 2018. Mixed media, resin. 12 × 16 × 12 in.

The American artist (recently on show at Oeno Gallery in Prince Edward County) works in a variety of media including resin, marble and bronze.

At the moment, Feuerman is at the Venice Biennale with some of her largest works, through Nov.  22, 2019. See more in this short video.

Feuerman is a pioneer in hyper-realistic sculpture. Her work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery, the Venice Biennale and the Palazzo Strozzi, Florence.  Her work is held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY, the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia, CUNY Museum of Art, NY, and in the collections of former president Bill Clinton and The Emperor of Japan.

Below: the live-model casting techniques she uses.

Carole Feuerman’s website, here.

Her Instagram, here.


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