Tintype Surfers & Lost Places

The Mers, Byron Bay, Australia

The end of summer is the perfect time to appreciate American photographer Joni Sternbach’s surfer works, which are atmospheric and nostalgic, although they are contemporary shots. Sternbach is well known for Surfland, a series of unique tintype portraits and seascapes along America’s coasts. She also captures abandoned places, the ocean, the sky and other vistas.


“The photographs in this (Surfland) series were shot in Australia, Uruguay, England, France and on both coasts of the United States and Hawaii. Surfland is a chronicle and celebration of the fascinating denizens of regional surf spots across the globe.” –Joni Sternbach


The Future, 11×14 Unique Tintype, 2015 Santa Barbara, CA

Water Connection

-In the field, from the series Salt Effect

-Intrepid potash, Salt Effect

-Deer Isle, from the series Abandoned

-Broken Home, from Abandoned

Joni Sternbach was born in the Bronx, New York. She graduated from New York University/International Center of Photography with an M.A. in Photography in 1987. She was part of the adjunct faculty at New York University for over 20 years, and is a visiting artist at Cooper Union in NYC, a faculty member at ICP, The Center for Alternative Photography.

Joni Sternbach’s website, here.

On Instagram, here.

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