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Sketchbook Saturday – Recipes

One of the great uses for a sketchbook or journal: draw your recipe. This one by Flickr artist neillyneil .


From Anna Rastorgueva’s recipe journal. See her full post here.

From Reims – le Filet Mignon de Porc

See all the pages of illustrator Aliya Manakova’s recipe book on Behance, here.

From spicedchaibujo on Instagram

On Book of Recipes, here.

From Pinterest, here.

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      • Oh Paprika is awesome ― I’ve got almost 1,500 recipes in it at this point! I wish it’d been around 25 years ago, then I would still have the awesome korma recipe that I lost when we moved … It also does my grocery list so now I can use my watch to keep track of what I’m buying when I go to the grocery store, which is pretty convenient! 😁


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