Tanya Lyons – Transforming with Glass

Canadian glass artist Tanya Lyons has an international reputation for her fragile sculptural pieces and her exquisite wearable works. She’s already collaborated with a French designer for a “drip suit” worn by pop star Dua Lipa in Paris and has long been known for glass fashion.

Her latest collection is a stunning set of four life-size cloaks, made of glass, stainless steel mesh and mixed materials. on exhibit through mid-April at Sandra Ainsley Gallery in Toronto. (Below: installation view from Instagram)

“To explore the changes we go through, I chose the cloak form as an outer layer, giving shelter and protection to the human form. I then used various hot, warm and cold glass techniques, and the qualities of the material to reflect different states of change.”

-Tanya Lyons

Her work encompasses so many elements: mandalas, kimonos (see previous Art Junkie post here), plus floor dresses, and wall dresses like the ones pictured above. Her wings are popular as well.

Artist page at Sandra Ainsley Gallery, here.

Tanya Lyons website here.

More about her collaboration with French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus, here.

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  1. Hi Joan,
    How was your pandemic? I have a new email – see below.
    Have a look at my 2 new series:
    1)”The Topic of Cancer”, 8 images and texts about my recent cancer journey.
    2) “Messengers During A Time of Pestilence”, about covid.

    This is such a beautiful series of forms. Thanks for posting Tanya’s work. Beautiful.

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