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Hinterlands – Mathew Borrett

Works by illustrator and special effects expert Mathew Borrett have a science-fiction sensibility and a touch of the surreal. He is about to open Hinterlands, a new exhibition at Red Head Gallery in Toronto (April 26 – May 20). I am a fan of his climate-change influenced, dystopian Toronto – although he does lots of other work.

See more on a previous Art Junkie post here.

Mathew Borrett
 was born and raised in rural Ontario and graduated from the Illustration Program at the Ontario College of Art & Design in 1998. He has exhibited in Canada and internationally, and works in the VFX industry for film and television in Toronto. Borrett won a Canadian Screen Award for his work on the interactive virtual reality piece Biidaaban, First Light in 2018.

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    • That’s a good point about the technique . . . well captured for sure. Probably because he’s so experienced in visual effects for film and tv. Thank you.


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