Ann Wood: Paper Sculptures

Ann Wood’s paper-sculpted botanicals are superb, and she is an artisan celebrated on this blog in the past (see that extraordinary work here).  Now, it’s time to focus on her garden works, equally creative.

“Making paper plants has changed the way I see nature,” she says. “I notice the seasons more, the subtle shifts in light and renewal that is currently happening in springtime.” – from Ann Wood’s Instagram, here.

I enjoy the challenge of finding ways to translate common materials into almost real looking objects. Branches, roots and subtle textures found in nature fascinate me and on occasion I see humor in their forms – Ann Wood, website here.

“My mind and hands are all about making paper appear as close as I can to the reality of nature,” – from Ann Wood’s Instagram, here.

Woodlucker is a visual partnership and studio, founded by Ann Wood and Dean Lucker in 1987, after graduating from Minneapolis College of Art and Design. See the Woodlucker website, here.


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