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Tiny House Artist Studios

NOTE: This post has been extremely popular in recent days.  So you may also want to view a post called Studio Envy, here.  The Tiny House movement has made it possible for many artists to find free-standing space right on their own property. True, not everyone has the […]

Joseph Hartman: The Artist’s Studio

For photographer Joseph Hartman, the idea of creating artist portraits by capturing the deeply personal spaces of their studios really began in childhood. He has fond memories of being in the studio of his father, painter and printmaker John Hartman, and reveling in the experience. (Above: Studio of […]

Studio Envy: Artist Workplaces

Traditional Exterior by Austin Architects & Designers Clayton&Little Architects One of the items on my bucket list is to have some sort of studio some day, although it’s unlikely to be as spacious or beautifully done up as these. Any little corner would probably do for me.

An Artist Studio: Amelia Alcock-White

Hyperallergic is running a terrific View from the Easel series that will satisfy anyone interested in artist studios.  Vancouver artist Amelia Alcock-White says hers “has been relegated to the dark underworld of a basement” after her second child moved into the bright, south-facing room she once used.  She […]

Famous Artists: What the Studio Tells

This famous shot by Jerome Brierre for Getty Images shows Pablo Picasso in his studio with movie star Brigitte Bardot during the 1956 International Cannes film festival.  Studios can provide a glimpse into the artist’s persona. The evidence of his almost maniacal creativity litters the room, with a […]