AI Image Dupes Prestige Awards

Veteran German photographer Boris Eldagsen, winner of a Sony World Photography Award, has refused to accept the prize after revealing the winning photo was created using an artificial intelligence image generator. Eldagsen acknowleges he was a “cheeky monkey” for the incident, but is hoping the controversy will spark […]

Lyle XOX – Pushing Boundaries

Mixed media artist Lyle XOX is a phenomenon – a storyteller, a culturally astute self -portrait whiz and a fantasist. He is one of a kind, and has just launched his first solo show at Gallery Jones in Vancouver. Lyle Reimer, his real name, makes living sculptures from […]

The Art of Suits – Samara Shuter

One of the gifts of blogging about art over a long time is seeing young artists develop into their talent. Take Samara Shuter, for example. When I first wrote about her in 2012, she had created a buzz and was beginning to rise. A self-taught artist who began […]

Ray Caesar – Constitutional

Just a quick look at a new-ish work by the inimitable Ray Caesar, the digital surrealist who captures life in such a creative way. This is called Daily Constitutional (24 x 30 – Edition of 20) and reflects the isolation of the pandemic. More on his website, here. […]

Charlene Vickers – Earthly Delights

Charlene Vickers was thinking about Hieronymus Bosch when she wondered what an Anishnaabe Garden of Earthly Delights would look like. The video below shows how her thoughts played out. It’s an unusually informative and compelling inside glimpse at how a multi-disciplinary artist approaches work. Charlene Vickers, an Anishinaabe […]