Tag: Montreal

Costa Dvorezky: The Agile Circus Body

Costa Dvorezky’s new works – Zero Gravity – put the spotlight on the human body. The focus is on the  agility of acrobats suspended in mid-air on circus props such as hoops and the trapeze. Aerial acrobatics put the human figure at odds with gravity and, consequently, the […]

Sweet Street Art: Sugar Murals

Montreal artist Shelley Miller creates intricate murals with sugar icing and edible paint applied like cake frosting, with a piping bag and tip. The street art starts out solid, but eventually disintegrates or washes away in the rain. The installation above – called Stained – in Victoria, B.C., […]

Mark Lang: Paintings as Props

Mark Lang’s paintings play on the history of art, using paintings as integral props. “The onlooker has a special sense that the museum gallery site is itself the spectacle and we are all just players on this stage,” says critic John K. Grande. There is art in Lang’s […]

Claude Cormier’s Pink Balls

Les Boules Roses by Claude Cormier and Associates was created using 200,000 resin balls which create a canopy that stretches over 1 kilometre through Montreal. It’s the second year the landscape architect has installed Pink Balls as part of Aires Libres, an arts festival that turns over a […]

Simon Laliberté: Poilu Paintbrushes

Time for some art whimsy. Montreal graphic designer Simon Laliberté makes these mustaches and goatees by combining two brushes inside his face-painted packaging. Some of the paintbrushes are dyed for variation.  See some of his other projects on Behance, here.  (If you don’t read French, ‘Poilu’ means hairy.)