Gritty, Etched Ceramics Taking Hold

Ceramic Artist Shane Norrie is hot. His hand-thrown etched ceramic work is everywhere – on decor TV, in fall design magazines and on general exhibit. It’s part of a current focus on edgy pottery, led internationally by designers such as Jaime Hayon of Spain and Studio Job of Belgium.

Norrie’s elegantly formed, eye-catching bowls, pots and vases are leading-edge enough to attract trend-watchers but not as bizarre as some pottery currently on offer by the more avant-garde. The shapes and surfaces of his hand-thrown work demand attention for the blend of traditional artistry and contemporary design. He’s also building a reputation for distinctly formed ceramic sculptures.

Norrie is a painter as well, fluidly translating his organic style into the mixed media pieces he is becoming known for, including this new work, one of three placed on exhibit in Toronto last week.

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