Kelly Grace: Date Nights

Kelly Grace gets it absolutely right with Date Nights, her mixed media snapshots of the intimate moments leading up to going out. The poignant, realistic mini-portraits are among work that includes a series on Faces and Pinups, as well as still life paintings. (See end of the post for a description of the process she uses)


Her Date Nights on 4 x 6″ panels were popular at this year’s Toronto Artist Project. (See this Toronto Life post – Photo Credit: Kevin Naulls)

Her mixed media works combine drawing, painting and a printmaking process called pigment transfer, or gel transfer. She transfers her own pencil rendering for each piece, which acts as a collage template for an edition of 10.

Each piece goes through several layers of hand-applied process, including painting.

Kelly Grace grew up in York Region, north of Toronto where, at age 14, she started her training as a visual artist. She is a graduate of Sheridan College.  There’s a good interview with her, here on Star Portraits.

Kelly Grace’s website, here.

Her Date Nights Facebook album, here.


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  1. Marianne Reninger

    Am a collage/mixed media artist from Asheville, N.C., . Loved your transfer drawings and finishing; such a fresh theme and beautiful execution. Going to Toronto at the end of the month; any galleries you could recommend? Will be going to the MCMichael Gallery near Kleinburg to see the Group of Seven, and also to Huntsville to see the outdoor murals.


    1. boomerontario

      Yes, Kelly Grace is an amazing artist, including – as you say – her execution. As for your trip, McMichael is definitely worth a stop, as is the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto if you have time ( You might also want to check Slate Art Guide ( for what catches your eye. There’s so much going on, it would be hard to pick without knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Have fun.


      1. Marianne Reninger

        Thanks so much! The Slate Art Guide is a good idea. Been to Vancouver & Montreal, but not to Toronto yet. Will be downtown at the Marriot Residence Inn for a couple of days before heading north to Sand Lake and a cottage. Love Canada and getting to know Canadian artists. Marianne


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