Mixed Media

Peter Schacht: Stories in Motion


Peter Schacht is a Kitchener-based illustrator and visual artist whose elongated figures set his narratives in motion. (Above: Around About Life, acrylic & oil on hand carved wood, 20 1/2 x 12 1/4)


He works to “share and reveal how people are connected to one another in everyday living.”  (Above: Naturally Connected / Below: Saving Shallow Waters – all works are oil & acrylic on hand carved wood)


The positioning and size of each subject is the key. They set my stories in motion, always creating a feeling of joy within me as I shape and place them. Their bodies are stylistically exaggerated in order to create wonder, as well as  expand the negative spaces that surround them. – Artist Statement

peter-themissingpieceThe Missing Piece


peter-lightbetweenthewavesLight Between the Waves

Peter Schacht’s website, here.

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  1. The elongated figures and grain of the wood (I believe that’s what I’m seeing) coming through really draw you in. Beautiful!


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