Month: April 2013

Mary Wright: Painting Below Christchurch

Mary Wright, transplanted to Canada from New Zealand, is a psychiatrist and artist whose most recent work is on exhibit at Teodora Art Gallery in Toronto.  Her Below Christchurch paintings are based on the mountainous areas in New Zealand. (Above: Rare Sunny Mountain Day)

Tony Fitzpatrick: Biker Clubs and Moths

These collages by Tony Fitzpatrick developed from his interest in biker clubs, which Fitzpatrick says “channel the pure rebellious side of human nature.”  He crafts each work to hold a world of information: his poetic take on a local legend, a historical figure, a creature of fascination to […]

Dark Childhood: ‘In the Playroom’

These award-winning, large-scale works by acclaimed photo artist and art director Jonathan Hobin show children enacting their versions of major events — the World Trade Center attacks, the murder of child beauty-queen JonBenét Ramsey, or the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib.  The dark themes of In the […]