West Coast Stylized Art


A Rushing Sea of Undergrowth,1935, Emily Carr

A memorable trip to Vancouver Island prompted this recap of the art of Canada’s west coast, starting with post-impressionist Emily Carr, one of the country’s most revered artists and a member of the Group of Seven. The mystical elements of British Columbia’s topography prompt stylized, highly imagined art, such as these featured artists produce. These are just a few examples. Have a look.

 Guzek: West Coast Sway





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Drew Burnham stylizes the West Coast





rudy-west-coast-symphony BC Landscapes: Enhanced but not distorted






Emily Carr meets Dr. Seuss




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penhall-hillRoss Penhall: Just the Land


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adelle-remnantsAdelle Bernadette’s Healing Journey





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PayanGlenn Payan’s Stretched & Tilted Landscapes




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  1. Really nice collection of posts. I was going to try to pick a favorite or two but as I went back to each post I could not do it – they are each so wonderful.


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