Video: Hands and Eyes

eyes and handsThis time-lapse video is an expert lesson in painting with watercolor, gouache, and ink on watercolor paper. Portland artist Maryanna Hoggatt also does unique ‘Animal Battles’ sculptures such as one called All Aboard the Dreamboat at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco (images below).

All Aboard the Dreamboat

This four-minute time-lapse watercolor session is one of those rare glimpses into an artist’s personal process.

Eyes & Hands Time Lapse from Maryanna Hoggatt on Vimeo.

Maryanna Hoggatt’s website, here.

Modern Eden Gallery, here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. It was fascinating to see that the artist works on one area of the painting at a time rather than working in, say, one colour at a time across the painting.


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