Documentary: Wanting it Wild

The PurcellsThis exceptional documentary tells the story of decades of opposition to Jumbo Glacier Resort, a mega ski development proposed for the heart of the Central Purcell Mountains of British Columbia, one of Canada’s most pristine areas. The film (by Sweetgrass Productions and Patagonia) highlights the tension over building a base at the head of the Jumbo Valley, where lifts would access four glaciers.


The development would cover approximately 104 hectares. Ski areas accessed would bring the total resort footprint to more than 6,000 hectares (14,800 acres).

Here’s the website of Jumbo Wild, coordinated by Wildsight Canada.

To everyone who derives inspiration from the mountains, it is our responsibility to give back and speak up for these wild lands and all those who inhabit them. Join us, the Ktunaxa Nation, Wildsight and the thousands of locals who have been fighting for the last 25 years to stop development and permanently #KeepJumboWild

A map of the area, here.

An open letter from the Jumbo Glacier Resort responding to the documentary, here.

A schedule of screenings for the documentary (so far) here.

Here’s the long trailer for the one-hour documentary

Jumbo Wild: The Movement from Patagonia on Vimeo.

Here’s a shorter, summary trailer for Jumbo Wild

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  1. Isn’t it unbelievable that you can fight for something for 25 years and have to keep fighting? It’s as if the bad guys just will not stop ever. Like women’s rights, African American rights, Animal Rights, LGTB Rights, it’s never over. Just goes on and on from one generation to another. I guess greed and hatred never end so why should keeping our environment beautiful, healthy and free be any different.


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