Dress Codes: Fashion Art


These lush works by Dutch photographer Hans Withoos are typical of creations scheduled for next month’s Fashion Art Toronto, a staple over the last decade for its avant-garde art, photography and design. This year, a Dress Code theme looks at the role fashion plays in constructing identity.


Withoos channels Gustav Klimt in his series on The Muses of the Austrian symbolist painter. An experienced fashion and ad photographer, his fine art work is characterized by colourful images full of fantasy, with eccentric aesthetics.

See all images from The Muses of Klimt, by Hans Withoos, here.

The exhibition, runway shows and events run April 12 to 16, 2016. See all artists and designers here.

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  1. All I can say is…Yummy… Wonderful … Pretty …. Gorgeous … ad infinitum.
    Fashion is an art that has been bastardized, marginalized & trifled with by commercial industry. It’s wonderful to see an artist portray the magic of cloth design for the body in an art form contemporary man can accept, enjoy and call art.


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