Mixed Media,  Painting-Canadian

Moose by Moonlight


Artist and educator Suzanne Tevlin’s moose works are a mixed media delight. Moose by Moonlight is a diptych in pastel, ink & acrylic wash on a vintage map of First Nations and early European settlements in North America. It’s 48″ X 62″ on Fabriano paper.


Moose are large, and so are her works. I Have Called You By Your Name; You are Mine (above) is 48″ X 68,” dry pastel, acrylic wash and charcoal in a shadow box frame. Tevlin has captured a sense of the historic place of the moose in Canada in these pieces. The map in the background of this one is a loose rendition of a 1722 map of Nouvelle France.

Spirit Moose: Ghost Forest 36″ X 48″ X 2″ oil on birch cradle

Suzanne Tevlin is a University of Toronto lecturer, art historian and writer, and has an international reputation that has prompted invitations from museums across Europe and North America.  Canadian Art Junkie has featured Tevlin in the past. See that post here.



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