Mixed Media

Eddie Martinez: Cowboy Town

Eddie Martinez’s canvases are formed from oil paint, enamel, spray paint, screen printing and studio detritus, works loaded with coloured, quasi-abstract masses.

He’s on exhibition in Cowboy Town at Timothy Taylor in New York.  The gallery says these recent paintings are “raw, pared back, exposed. . . . And while the palette is typical Martinez – strong blues, yellows, reds – the underlying tone is sinister.”

American Native, 2015  – Saatchi Gallery

Martinez first began “doodling” while house painting as a youth.  The images and motifs in his paintings often come from popular culture, and have included cartoon-like ducks, skulls, and clowns.

Eddie Martinez page, Timothy Taylor here.

Martinez on Artsy, here.

At Mitchell-Innes & Nash galleries, here.

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  1. I like this art! I have to peer at it more to get the sinister undertone. “raw, pared back, exposed” that I totally see, and love!


    • Yep, guess the thing is he’s stopped using so much “junk,” like cig butts and scraps from the studio, directly on the works. I tried to find a few that were in public domain, or linkable back to the source, but they seem to be in short supply. Go to the Artsy link if you like – a fair bit of his older stuff there.

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