150 Artists

40/150: Terry Watkinson’s Mother Earth

Endless Wetlands, 2018, oil | 36 x 48 Inches

Terry Watkinson’s solo show is a salute to the beautiful country north of Lake Superior and west to the prairies, a region under represented in Canadian landscape painting but possessed of a strange fertile beauty. This is also an artist worth knowing, for his eclectic artistic background, as well as his years as a prominent musician for the rock group Max Webster during the 1970s and early 1980s.

From Rock Music to Medicine to Light-Filled Art:  a previous piece on Watkinson (b: 1940) on the Art Junkie, here.

Mother Earth, 2019 oil | 30 x 40 Inches

The paintings are not representations of specific places, just reminiscences of time spent in Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Nipigon and points north – Mayberry Fine Art

Little Pine Island, 2018, oil, 36 x 48 Inches

Terry Watkinson’s work extends a journey that began in the North (he was born in Thunder Bay), traversed architecture, barreled through the world of rock music and encompassed a university career in medical illustration. (bio here)

Drawing from his time in Manitoba he creates beauty in works of prairie expanse, flowing into paintings of changing landscape as he looks eastbound through Lake of The Woods, Thunder Bay, and back home to his current residence of Toronto, where he creates works of light and wide-open spaces from life’s inspiration – Mayberry.

South End of the Pond, 2018 oil | 30 x 40 Inches

Watkinson is equally at home with urban scenes, such as Cityscapes 1 (below), one of the Toronto paintings from this artist’s huge body of work.

Terry Watkinson website, here.

Terry Watkinson at Mayberry Fine Art, here.

A survey of his landscapes, city scenes, portraits and medical illustrations, here.


This is #40 in the series 150 Artists.

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