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Georgia O’Keeffe in Quebec

Green Mountains, Canada, 1932, oil on canvas, 12 × 36 in.

American painter Georgia O’Keeffe, one of the most significant artists of the 20th century, is known for her boldly innovative art, some of which was inspired in Canada during a break from her husband.

Seeking to escape the pressures of her life with photographer and art promoter Alfred Stieglitz, O’Keeffe drove to the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec in the summer of 1932 for a few weeks respite. There she painted a series of seven barns whose austere design and blackened doors and windows prefigure her later series of New Mexico patio doors – The Met

Much more detail about her sojourn in Canada is in this CBC piece, written at the time of the Art Gallery of Ontario’s retrospective on O’Keeffe in 2017, here.

White Canadian Barn II


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