T.M. Glass: The Language of Flowers

T.M. Glass, Alium in an Ancient American Tripod Vessel, from the Museum series, 2017. Vessel photographed with permission at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto. Courtesy of the artist.

The Audible Language of Flowers, opening May 8 at OCAD U’s Onsite Gallery, presents recent images by lens-based artist T.M. Glass featuring blooms and vessels from unique gardens across the globe.

Anemone Canadensis in an Italian Pharmaceutical Vessel, 2017. Archival Pigment Print.

Glass’ distinct photographic style is characterized by extensive digital embellishment of textures and colours to enhance the emotion and geometry of flowers.

Azaleas and Tulips in a European Vessel, 2018. Archival Pigment Print

Recently, the digital artist’s large-scale flower images expanded into the third dimension through advanced 3-D printing technology.

Orchids in a Gold Colored Ceramic Vase, 2018. Archival Pigment Print

Inspired by 17th century European flower paintings, Glass contends that contemporary digital photographers are also painters who work with pixels instead of oils.

Red and White Bouquet in a Sevres Vessel, 2018. Archival Pigment Print.

View more work by T.M. Glass and biographical details at Galerie de Bellefeuille, here and here.

The Toronto exhibition, on through Aug. 18, is part of the ScotiaBank Contact Photography Festival

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