Quick Hits: 3D Motion Graphics

London-based Lukas Vojir is the 3D Motion Graphics artist behind these mesmerizing creations, done for clients such as Apple, Nike, VELCRO and (below) the London Symphony Orchestra.

Below, a commission for U.K.-based Grant Associates is a “meditative expression of nature” for a semi-permanent installation at Rewilding Garden and Flower Pavilion as part of the Beijing Horticultural Expo, China.

The project notes for the Beijing Expo explain that the film illustrates the core values of water, air, food, reconnection and the therapeutic effects that greenery has on mind and body (more here).

Lukas Vojir has his own practice focused on a research-based, experimental approach to high-end, 3D brand/product films.

His website, here.

On Behance, here.

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