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Caroline Larsen: Woven Oils

It’s time for another look at Caroline Larsen’s woven oil paintings, a genre she basically owns. The Canadian born artist continues to advance the technique of making her oil works look like tapestries.

Fan Dance, 2016

Using bags of oil paint with icing nibs, she squirts and squeezes the paint into confectionary piles, frosting the works with tubular and Spiro-form extrusions –  notes from The Hole gallery for a show called Kaleidoscopic earlier this year.


Jungle Twist, Oil on Canvas over panel, 48″round 2019


Installation View, The Hole gallery: Kaleidoscopic


Larsen, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., studied at the University of Waterloo, the University of Auckland in New Zealand, and got her MFA with honours at The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn in 2015. She has exhibited widely in Canada with solo exhibitions at General Hardware, internationally in Tel Aviv, and in New York at Wave Hill Public Gardens in the Bronx and The Hole in 2016.

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Caroline Larsen’s website, here.



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