Polidori: An Eye Attuned to Decay

Transplanted Canadian Robert Polidori has a photographer’s fixation on le Château de Versailles, which he has shot in decay and then in restoration for 25  years.  His large format color photos of that royal palace outside Paris form part of Polidori’s new exhibition in Berlin.  (Above: Versailles, Salle de l’Afrique, 2007)

Polidori is moved by decay.  The work of the Montreal-born professional photographer includes the remnants of Chernobyl, the ravages of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and the deterioration of Havana.  (Above: From New Orleans After the Flood.)

Unit 4 Control Room, Chernobyl, 2001

In Polidori’s photographs, the traces of time are sometimes magnified, sometimes revealed in all their violence. His tight framing and vivid colors bring a new perspective to whatever he photographs. – La Lettre de la Photographie, review of new exhibition at Camera Work Photo Gallery, Berlin.

-Havana, 1997

-Señora Faxas Residence, Miramar, No. 2, Havana, 1997

Polidori is considered one of the world’s leading architectural photographers.  The Edwynn Houk Gallery has a good short biography of Polidori, as well as extensive photos from his series.


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    • I’m partial to this category of photos, including by other great photographers across the web who’ve been recording the abandoned places of U.S. cities like Detroit. Thanks for the comment.


      • Yeah, it’s a really interesting theme, might even go find some derelict areas round here to shoot. I’m looking forward to reading more about it!


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