indigenous art

Yuxweluptun’s Neo-Native Style


Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, of Coast Salish heritage, is a Vancouver-based purveyor of politically activist indigenous art. His latest work was on exhibit at Macaulay Fine Art, Vancouver, in a solo show, Indian World.  In vivid colors, he merges traditional native iconography with statements about aboriginal issues – from the environment to land claims.  His political roots come partly from his father, a founder of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs.  His style has been called neo-Native. (Above: New Chiefs on the Land)


My work is very different from traditional art work.  How do you paint a land claim? You can’t carve a totem pole that has a beer bottle on it . . . I paint this for what it is – a very toxic land base. This is what my ancestral motherland is becoming. -From National Gallery of Canada  notes for the painting Shaman Coming to Fix (above).

LawrencePaul-topMoney, Power, Greed

lawrencepaul-3The Impending Nisga’a Deal. Last Stand. Chump Change.

lawrence-paul-killerwhaleKiller Whale Has a Vision. Comes to Talk to Me about Proximological Encroachments of Civilizations in the Oceans

lawrencepaul-skyRed Man Watching White Man Trying to Fix Hole in Sky  (Below: the artist, from Montecristo Magazine)


See more on his website, here.

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  1. Freaky and cool — there’s obviously a very vibrant art scene among Native Americans in the Pacific Northwest. Love the patterns also.


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