Mixed Media

Przemek Pyszczek: Playgrounds

canadian born

Born in Poland, raised in Canada and now creating a sensation from Berlin, Przemek Pyszczek draws on his experiences of  displacement as a first generation North American. The 30-year-old’s journey of self discovery is most keenly focused on tracing Poland’s transition since the fall of the iron curtain. (Above: Photo by Paul Green for Artsy )


His playground structures – in myriad colors, shapes and perspectives – tell part of his story: “Przemek Pyszczek destroys, rebuilds and abstracts these forms as a way of reconciling childhood memory with the realities of immigrant displacement.-” exhibition notes Peres Projects. (Above: Playground Structure (Tunnel), 2015)

Muscle Memory Performance-One of his structures at Peres, during a show with artist Donna Huanca.

Pyszczek’s family moved to Canada in 1987 when the artist was two and a half. He moved to Berlin in 2010 and when he began visiting relatives again in Warsaw, his artist’s eye twitched. “That’s when I started noticing these visual idiosyncrasies and phenomena in the architecture and the landscape,” Pyszczek said in an interview with Artsy.


His “facade” paintings capture the graphically decorated external walls and wacky window bars of communist housing blocks in suburban Warsaw. (Above: Polyethane paint on debond, steel 240 × 150 cm from summer, 2015 exhibition at Rio in Brussels / Below: From a show at Berthold Pott Gallery )

collageComing from a Western, brand-dominated environment of standardized products, Pyszczek says the bars’ and painted facades’ “kitsch factor” drew him in. (Read the full, long feature about him on Artsy.)

Przemek Pyszczek’s website, here.   







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