150 Artists

33/150: Bélanger – Body Passion

Montreal based Yoakim Bélanger (b.1977) is a mixed media artist focused on the strength, passion and grace of the human body, most often using scraped or sanded metal plates. (Above: “Départ” mixed media on steel, 48″ x 68″)

Bélanger works with oxidized steel and aluminum, raw materials that have not yet been affected by human contact but that hold the traces of passing time. The varying textures and patterns, which might appear meaningless to others, hold the primitive blueprint of his work.

Coévolution II, mixed media on aluminum, 48″ x 96″ (Galerie LeRoyer)

He recently had a solo exhibition, Glimpse of Light, at French Art Studio in London, (below) and has a show upcoming in October at Galerie LeRoyer in Montreal.

His exquisite brushwork makes his works come alive. Below: Inside Revolution CXVII, 2015, mixed media on aluminum, 122 x 122 cm. (Credit: French Art Studio )

Yoakim Bélanger graduated in graphic design from UQAM, Montreal. He has directed two short films (‘If I can Fly’ and ‘Ces femmes qui marchent’) which have been acclaimed by critics at international film festivals. His artworks are presented by galleries in Canada and in the UK

Yoakim Bélanger’s website, here.

Represented by Galerie LeRoyer, here.

At Thompson Landry Gallery, here.

This is #33 in the series 150 Artists.

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