Mixed Media

Concrete Canvas at Sopa

This work by rising Vancouver artist Tyler Toews is on exibition in a “one of a kind graffiti and urban-esque inspired show” at Sopa Fine Arts, attracting attention for its powerful artists.

“Whether it be the playful works of @atomic_seaweed and @tmaccormac, the cubist-inspired work of @tylertoews, or the meta-commentary work of @shawnshepherdart, Concrete Canvas contains a wide array of diverse works,” the gallery says.

The piece at centre by abstract expressionist Joey Vaiasuso of San Diego is titled How Beautiful You Are, flanked by two of the California artist’s other recent works. Take a close-up look at Vaiasuso’s paintings here.

The colorful paintings, sculptures and prints of multidisciplinary artist Shawn Shepherd have been informed by art history, human identity, and the remnants of commercial culture, the gallery says. Clockwise from top left: “Looks Great With That” 52” x 84” Mixed Media on Canvas, “House of Credit Cards #27” 48” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas; “CAR 17B (Government Street)” 28” x 8” x 5” Recycled Street Sineage; “House or Credit cards #28” 48” x 30” Acrylic on Canvas; “CAR 16A (Cook Street) 28” x 8” x 5” Recycled Street Sineage.

CAN YOU HEAR ME-KAWSMIC, shows how Tyler Toews incorporates the aesthetics of street art. His penchant for swaths of colour applied in sweeping brush strokes creates a unique vocabulary that combines abstract expressionism and gestural painting styles.

Todd Maccormac has been committed to developing his unique voice by using tools he developed through his art education, graphic design training and ongoing exploration of street art. This piece is called Larry David, Mixed Media on Canvas, 60 × 48 in.

Sopa Fine Arts main site, here.

Concrete Canvas exhibition site, here.

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