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Dominique Fortin’s Mues: Unique & Dreamlike

Toronto’s Thompson Landry Gallery showcases a collection of striking new work by Dominique Fortin, who creates in a unique, dream-like style full of fantasy and romanticism.   She focuses on themes of childhood, and how the fanciful imaginations of lost childhood have become found again in her own children. […]

Mary Wright: Painting Below Christchurch

Mary Wright, transplanted to Canada from New Zealand, is a psychiatrist and artist whose most recent work is on exhibit at Teodora Art Gallery in Toronto.  Her Below Christchurch paintings are based on the mountainous areas in New Zealand. (Above: Rare Sunny Mountain Day)

The Take on Soviet windows

David Hlynsky shot 8,000 Hasselblad images on the streets of Communist Europe from 1986 to 1990, doggedly recording the banality of the Soviet Bloc.  Primarily store windows, the photos illustrate cityscapes “devoid of the trumped up and pumped up urgency” of the West. (Above: Military shirts, Moscow 1990)

Nicolas Ruel: Micromovie photos

Nicolas Ruel transfigures urban spaces with very long exposures that condense each photo into “a kind of 8-second micromovie.”  The Montreal artist assembles key moments in a single take, then prints the large-scale works on stainless steel.  Iconography, his latest exhibition, is on at Thompson Landry Gallery in […]