Erin Rothstein: More than just Food

Toronto artist Erin Rothstein is known for paintings of giant cookies, stylized hot dogs and gooey ice cream. But her work is not limited to the art-of-food selections that figure prominently in her portfolio.

The Montreal-born artist’s series, ‘Two Solitudes‘ (one piece, above) looks at the poignant isolation of togetherness. (Click on images to go to each series)

‘The Photographers’ series accurately captures the face and body twists of shooters everywhere in the world.

Erin’s interdisciplinary experience in the arts and fierce commitment to the realm of contemporary aesthetics lends itself to projects that are highly nuanced and refreshingly innovative. – Artist Project profile

Rothstein also has an extensive body of work in mixed media, including gold and silver leaf, above.

Erin Rothstein’s website is here.

Her blog is here.

Categories: Food, Painting

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