Victor Nunes: Art you can eat

nunes-popcornWhat fun.  The made-with-food art of 65-year-old Victor Nunes from São Paulo is capturing attention on the web.  He doodles and draws around everyday items like popcorn, nuts and cookies.  See his Facebook, here.





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    • well… I tried to reblog.. (new at this) and accidentally deleted the post. I’ll try again. In any case.. I adore your blog, and it’s a great inspiration for me as I try to navigate this big blog-ocean. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.


      • You probably already noticed that WordPress just enabled a new re-blog button, that is supposed to make things easier – so you can always try again. And BTW, thank you for that uplifting comment about this blog. Greatly appreciated.


  1. Reblogged this on Sweater Weather and commented:
    Omg, sooo awesome. I thought i was the only one to look at a piece of popcorn and go, “Hm. Hey Paul, squint you eyes and tell me if this looks like a poodle.”


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