Quebec: Urban Abstracts

dupuis1It is difficult to decide whether the photography, or the painting, of Quebec-based artist Jean-Francois Dupuis is more compelling.  (Above: Sako 88, photo / Below: L moriati, paint)

dupuis-paintingHis website, and his Facebook provide lots of opportunity to decide which type of work is more your style.  This post focuses on his abstract photo works, which caught my attention for their arresting composition and gritty urban style. (Below: Transit)

dupuis-metropolis-dreamMetropolis Dream

dupuis-five-roses-factoryFive Roses Factory


Old Factory



Jean-Francois Dupuis portfolio, on Saatchi Art, here.

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  1. Love the assemblage of pictures! The Metropolis dream and the Old Factory remind me of the photographs I’ve seen in a photo essay on Geometric Toronto, featuring images by Jonathan Castellino. Have you come across his work? He’s into urban ruins too, and even though the photos are not as not artsy and abstract as Dupuis’ work (which might have to do with how little postprocessing he does), the guy has an eye for spotting what would otherwise stay overlooked.
    By the way, I thought The Colors was a weather map!


    • That’s a great observation about The Colors. It’s true! Thank you for the referal to Jonathan Castellino, who does marvelous work. No, I hadn’t run across him and just did a browse through his website. Great style.


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