Doors without keys

Doors-without-keys-800x450Acclaimed photographer, poet, and filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami opens the world premiere of Doors Without Keys this week at Toronto’s Aga Khan Museum.

Doors Without KeysThe closed doors  — photographed over 20 years in Iran, France, Morocco, and Italy — are printed at life size, mounted on canvas, and arranged like a maze, recalling the labyrinthine streets of an unnamed old city.  

From a profile by LA Weekly

Image from a profile by LA Weekly

Examples of Kiarostami’s body of work as a filmmaker are also part of the exhibition, which continues through March, 2016.

Aga Khan Museum website, here.

LA Weekly’s profile on Abbas Kiarostami, here.

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  1. I would love to see this! The images on your post look fantastic, but seeing them life-sized and set up like a maze would take it to another level of awesome. 🙂


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