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Outbox: Inspired by Recycled Trash

Heidi_Leverty_Tincarnation_15_25735_360Heidi Leverty retrieves and sculpts the discarded remnants of our lives, capturing the unique and extraordinary in the things we throw away. Her art relies on trash – paper, metal, fabric and plastic diverted while in transit to recycling. (Above: Tincarnation 15, 32 x 32″)


Leverty’s photographs are a product of chance, sculptural forms which emerge in a transient moment of cohesion.  These images from Bau-Xi Gallery are from the Outbox series, her current work. (Above: Textile 2 /Below: Zip it Up 1)

Heidi_Leverty_Zip_it_Up_1_28408_360Leverty is ahead of her time. While recycled material as a subject is becoming more widespread, she has made it her primary focus for more than seven years. Leverty has been featured internationally and through the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs in embassies and private collections around the world.

Heidi_Leverty_Panoramic_Plastic_18_28412_360-Panoramic Plastic 18

Heidi_Leverty_Plastic_16_28410_360-Plastic 16

Heidi_Leverty_Paper_32_28413_360-Paper 32

Heidi_Leverty_Plastic_39_28411_360-Plastic 39

heidi-compostation-Compostation 01 / Below: Textile 3


Heidi Leverty’s website, here.

At Bau-Xi Gallery, here.

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  1. I’m really drawn to images like these in my own surroundings so nice to see this post! I have been saving plastic lids like in that one shot above. I hope to make murals out of them this coming summer. Now I must remember to take a few shots of the ever growing collection of lids before starting. 🙂


  2. Loved her work!!! I’ve been working with nuts/bolts/bullets/aluminum and copper combined with acrylics and inks for several years, and love her nod to trash to treasure! The sinuous forms and subtle color fields are great….


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