In the style of Street Art

This sculpture,  Average Beast, is formed of vintage wood and other material mounted in the style of an African tribal mask with painted elements of outsider and urban art. Martin Gerstenberger began his artist life doing street murals with well known urban posses like Os Gêmeos and Flying Fortress.

The passenger, 74 H x 19.7 W x 5.9 in

Now, the German artist says, he tries to combine elements of street art and outsider art with traditional ways of painting or sculpting. “This way I am experimenting with the different energy and history of the individual art forms and the possibility to combine it.”

Above: Painted on steel and wood in acrylic, spray paint and charcoal, an interpretation of the fairy tale Beauty & the Beast. Gerstenberger uses the raw surface of the vintage washboard to reflect contrasts in beauty and ugliness.

The invention of democracy, 20.5 H x 23.6 W x 2.4 in

Martin Gerstenberger on Saatchi Art, here.

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