Quick Hits: Celebrating Pride

Jason Perreault, Cohen

To celebrate Pride Month, artist Jason Perreault’s exhibition Bien dans sa peau [Comfortable in Your Own Skin] highlights gender-queer people and embraces their varied characteristics through the tropes of contemporary fashion photography. It’s at Akasha Art Projects in Toronto after a previous run at Ryerson Image Centre.

Untitled, 2018, inkjet print.

“The fashion industry and commercial advertising both participate in the construction of an idealized person—usually one that is heterosexual,” notes for the exhibition say. “The inclusion of non-binary and gender-fluid representations in magazines and editorials helps to not only normalize queer lifestyles but also validates and celebrates queer as a way of being.”

Installation view via Akasha Art Projects

Jason Perreault is an emerging artist with a background in theatre, based in Toronto and Montreal.  His photographs navigate the boundaries between fine art and fashion.

See more on Jason Perreault’s website, here.

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