Month: September 2012

Costa Dvorezky: The Agile Circus Body

Costa Dvorezky’s new works – Zero Gravity – put the spotlight on the human body. The focus is on the  agility of acrobats suspended in mid-air on circus props such as hoops and the trapeze. Aerial acrobatics put the human figure at odds with gravity and, consequently, the […]

Wild About the West

I don’t know exactly what makes David Wilder’s art so compelling.  Maybe some of his eclectic background gets infused into his work.  Self taught, the Arizona-based Wilder focus on every aspect of the American West. (Above:  Road to Jerome, commissioned for a cafe in the artist colony of […]

Art of the Shed: Recycled Shelter

Installation artist Josée Dubeau collaborated on this urban alternative environment – a suspended cabin intended as a dreamlike getaway. The recycled Dream Shelter is a collage that uses the debris of demolished houses and buildings, discarded industrial material, tent canvases, tossed away furniture and rejected materials from the […]

An Eye for Composition

I’ve posted about this young, emerging photographer before and her recent work shows just as much promise. Myles Katherine, based in Portland, Oregon, has a superb eye and a way with composition. Have a look at more of her work on Tumblr, Flickr and her Facebook. (Click on […]

Mandy Stobo: ‘Bad Portraits’ & Mixed Media

Emerging artist Mandy Stobo has a double reputation. Her metier is these stunning street-art style mixed media works, which sell for up to $8,000. But she also has a skyrocketing business doing $100 “Bad Portraits,” garish watercolor paintings of basically anybody who asks.  (Above: I went to market […]